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Follow-up Programme is discontinued!

When MTTS was originally started, it was envisaged that talented participants would be identified for further intensive training under some expert guidance. For the first two years, we were able to achieve this end. Then, it was discontinued.

Starting from 1999 thanks to the efforts of Dr.S.D. Adhikari, MRI, Allahabad, the follow-up programme was revived. Dr.H.S.Mani, Director of MRI has agreed to make the follow-up programme an annual affair of MRI. Under this scheme, six-to-ten participants of MTTS will be selected for participation in the follow-up programme at MRI. The follow-up programme will be held at MRI sometime in December for a period of two weeks. The selected students will be reimbursed the return fare by sleeper class and will be given free local hospitality.

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